Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering if OKA cheese is pasteurized or if it can talk? Lucky for you, we know our cheese like the back of our hand. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about OKA cheese.
Is it possible to freeze OKA cheese?

Before the invention of freezers, we had to get our ice from the Saint-Lawrence River ⛴. But yes, you can freeze OKA cheese. Its texture will be different upon thawing, but it should come back to normal with time. To learn more about fine cheeses storage, please read our article on the matter.

Can I eat OKA cheese after it’s passed its expiration date?

As our father (Alphonse) used to say: Even if it might have a few flavour defects, enjoying OKA cheese past its expiration date is always in better taste than food waste. To learn more about cheese’s life span, visit our article on the subject matter.

What are the differences between the various types of OKA cheeses?

OKA cheeses are like children from the same family: they're different ages, they have their own unique qualities and there’s always one or two who are more intense than the others. To learn the specific characteristics of each of our cheeses, visit our Cheeses page.

What is the nutritional value of OKA cheese?

Each OKA cheese has different nutritional values. To learn the values of a specific cheese, visit our Cheeses page, click on the cheese of your choice and then click on “Nutritional Value”.

What is OKA cheese?

As you get older, it’s normal to question your existence. In fact, we’ve often asked ourselves these types of questions: “Who are we?” “Where are we going?” “Why were we put on this earth?” Since it’s impossible to come up with a short answer, we’d invite you to visit out About Us page to learn everything you need to know about OKA cheese. 👵

Can I eat OKA cheese while pregnant?

A future OKA cheese fan on the way? You’ll be happy to know that your cheese cravings can be met with OKA cheeses. All our OKA cheeses are made from pasteurized milk. It is, however, recommended consuming this type of cheese, called semi-firm, cooked in a saucepan or gratin during your pregnancy. Check out the “In The Kitchen” section for recipes that will please the whole family, even baby!

What recipes can I make with OKA cheese?

Back in our day, we only had 3 recipes: the everyday stew, the holiday stew and the summer boil. Obviously, we ate OKA cheese with each of them. Now, we have many more ideas that we love sharing. Visit the OKA In The Kitchen for all our recipe ideas.

Can I visit the OKA cheese factory?

Unfortunately, the factory is not open to the public. However, if you want to see where it all began 125 years ago, you must visit the town of Oka!

Can I eat the OKA cheese rind?

“Eat your crust if you want to grow up big and strong”. Even if you’re done growing, it’s good to keep up the habit. OKA cheese’s unique signature taste comes from its crust. The older the cheese, the more pronounced the taste is.

Can I melt, heat up, grill, or cook with OKA cheese?

Roasted, grilled, melted or grated, if there’s one thing we’ve learned with age, it’s that it’s OK if it’s OKA! 👌.